How do I hang a Gallery Mount? Hanging is easy and varies on your style choice. If you choose the Gallery Flat, a “keyhole” is routed in the back of your mount, and your print will be hung using a nail, screw, that is affixed to your wall, by sliding the keyhole over the hardware. The slot in the keyhole is sufficiently long enough to allow for proper leveling of the art.

If you have chosen a Gallery Float, or Gallery Box, your art will be suspended by “French Cleat”. The cleat, which is included with every applicable mount, is affixed to your wall using screws directly into wall studs or expanding anchors of sufficient size.  Making sure the cleat is level will determine how level the print hangs.  Once affixed to the wall, your cleat is ready to accept the print, by simply placing the matching cleat on the back of the print on top of the cleat attached to the wall.  If your print is large, we would highly recommend you consider either the Gallery Float or Gallery Box, due to the french cleat’s ability to support great amounts of weight